2010 Events

1 - Instructors Camp 2010, Fukushima Japan

February 19 - 21 2010

These three days were very impressive. From Canada were Sensei Moji from Halifax, Sensei Bob and myself. There were 140 participants from 15 different countries, the biggest camp held to date. I would like to thank Kancho Royama, Fuku Kancho Hiroshige, all the members of the Technical committee for a fantastic learning experience that we lived through these three days. For myself, after witnessing the Japanese great techniques, I felt as if I were a white belt. And even after passing my godan test, I still feel like a beginner, compared to the knowledge of the Japanese. After being in Kyokushin for over 25 years, there were lots that I had never seen before. You can be sure that I will be returning as often as I can, and try to bring students with me to experience one of these great weekends. I am very pleased to be in the Kyokushin-Kan Organization under the direction of Kancho Royama.
Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Sensei Ray and Sensei Bob seen here with Technical Committee member Shihan Hiroto Okazaki

Sensei Moji with World Kata Champion : Shihan Ishijima

Front row, sitting left to right: Sensei Soon-Li, Kancho Royama, Fuku-Kancho Hiroshige Back: Sensei Bob Myers, Sensei Moji Talebzadeh, Sensei Ray Cormier

3 - Mas Oyama Memorial Gold Cup - Montréal

March 27, 2010

Hosted by the Ohan Brothers

Team picture:
Left to right: in front
Sensei Ray Cormier, Mario Allain, André Allain, Riley Bowes, Shanel Léger, Matt Bowes
Back: Randy Léger, Mandi Henderson, Melanie Bowes, Guy Doiron, Luc Allain, Sandrine Giguère, Kersti Kass

Picture Team ACKK Juniors:
Sandrine Giguère, Randy Léger, Mario Allain, Guy Doiron, Luc Allain, Riley Bowes and Shanel Léger

Kersti Kass took 2nd place, and Matt Bowes, a green belt, took 4th place in Black Belt division.

3 - Tournament - Dieppe

April 10, 2010

Shihan Ray Cormier

Sensei Bob attempting to break 2 baseball bats.

Congratulations Sensei Bob.

To our volunteer, thank you very much for all the great work.

Congratulations to all the participants from the Moncton Dojo.

6 - Tournament - Japan

May 1-3, 2010

Team Canada in Japan, 2010 As you all know , a team of eight fighters from across Canada participated in the three “All Japan Championships” held on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd , at the Toda City Sport Center, in Japan.

On Saturday, Matthew Prosser , student of Sensei Moji Talebzadeh in Halifax, and Riley Bowes, of the Moncton dojo, both put on great fights in the All Japan Junior Tournament. On Sunday , Riley and Ryan Batke students of Shihan Diego Beltran from Winnipeg, and Sensei Sandrine Giguère from the Moncton dojo, also gave excellent performances in their bouts.

As for the adults, on Monday May 3rd, were held the All Japan Men Knockdown with traditional punching to the face competition and The Women Knockdown. Sensei Kersti Kass and Melanie Bowes demonstrated great heart and determination in their fights. As for Matthew Bowes, the only foreigner in his division, he placed 2nd in the under 72 KG category.

Shihan Ray Cormier was extremely pleased with the performances of each and every member of Team Canada, as they showed true Budo spirit and great sportsmanship and humility during the entire weekend. He would also like to offer many thanks to Kancho Royama for the invitation to the competitions, as well as to Sensei Koji and the Honbu Ushi Daeshis, for the help and the hospitality they extended to all the Team, especially sensei Kersti Kass who attended two classes at Honbu, and learned so much from all of them. We all look forward to go again in two years. Domo Arigato Gosai Masu!

When the Branch Chief is sleeping, the mice are playing!

In Toronto Shihan Ray fell asleep on a bench for 3 hours and Sensei Moji chose a comfortable place on the floor and did the same!

Heading for the hotel!

Japanese food!

Bowes Family at Honbu

Junior Tournament

Over 1300 juniors

Matthew Prosser Halifax and Riley Bowes Moncton

Kumite Junior

Kumite Junior


Women heavyweight Sensei Kersti Kass

Women lightweight Melanie Bowes

Kumite women

Strategy Meeting

Team Canada

After the fighting is done,new friends are made!

Making friends around the world!

Sandrine and Shihan Ray

Seaworld Kamogawa

The lovely ladies of Tokyo

9 - Tournament - Maine USA

May 15th, 2010

On May 15th, Shihan Ray, Sensei JJ Nowlan, Sensei Melanie Tremblay, from NB and sensei Vittorio Russo from Montreal, took a team from Eastern Canada Kyokushin-Kan to the "US OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS" hosted by Shihan Marty Petrovich. Dojos from Halifax, Barachois, Edmunston, Montreal and Moncton attended the event. Everyone had a great time at the tournament, and came back home with first, second and third place trophies, but the most important thing was that new friends were made, and got to have fun with old friends during the whole weekend. Eastern Canada Kyokushin-Kan would like to take this opportunity to thank our host Shihan Petrovich, and the USA Country Representative, Shihan Kenji Fujiwara and their whole team for inviting us to share this weekend with them, and for organising a great tournament. Shihan Ray would like to also thank all his instructors, students and parents who supported this event .

10 - Brown Belt Grading

June 15th, 2010

Congratulations to Randy for passing his brown belt and also congratulations to Mario and Andre for their black stripe.

11 - Summer Camp - Maine

July 15th - 18th 2010

12 - Beach Clinic - Bouctouche

July 25th 2010

On the 25th anniversary of Shihan Ray Cormier’s annual beach clinic at the Bouctouche Dune, the day started out in pouring rain. We were all sure on the drive up that no one would show for the clinic. We were amazed to find that four juniors were there, and insisted on doing the clinic in the rain, Jaime and Brianna Gallant with Dad Paul, and Abby and Ben LeBlanc with Senseis JJ Nowlan and Marji Cormier, had fun in the rain, water and sand.

As for the adults, Shihan Ray and Sensei Moji from Halifax and Sensei JJ from Grand Barachois were pleased to see a good group show up from Halifax, a 2 hours and 30 minutes drive, as well as students from St-Stephen, a 3 hour + drive with their instructor, Sensei Bill Conley, as well as Moncton and Grand-Barachois dojos. Sensei Pam Taylor of Moncton was the only woman in the group! Sensei Bill, who despite recent knee surgery, walked over a mile to the training site and then back again just to support his students. True Budo Spirit!

The rain stopped just after the juniors were done, and the training went on for over 4 hours! Sempai Luc Allain 14 yrs old and Sempai Paul Belliveau both succeeded in their first attempt at a speed break with a baseball bat.

Everyone had a great time, and Shihan Ray wanted to express his gratitude to Sensei Bill and his students as well as Sensei Moji and his students for having driven so far to join us on this special day. Just to mention that two of Sensei Bill’s students after driving from St-Stephen in early morning, went on to drive to Maine for a Basketball camp that afternoon! That is dedication! See you all next year! Domo Arigato Gosai Masu!

14 - Seminar - Halifax

September 18th and 19th, 2010

Shihan Hamid Asnaashari, 6th dan and Canada Country Representative, put on an incredible two-day clinic in Halifax on Saturday and Sunday, September 18th-19th. He gave instruction on Kihon, advanced kata, Bo staff, and Kumite techniques.

The knowledge of Shihan Hamid seemed limitless, as he easily and patiently taught our group basic to advanced techniques, showed us things we had never seen and perfected what we already knew. The two-day clinic went by so fast; we all agreed it was not enough time.

He also formally presented Shihan Ray Cormier with his godan belt and certificate, as Shihan Ray wanted him to be the one to do so, as he nominated Shihan Ray for the honour.

Shihan Ray was amazed by Shihan Hamid’s teaching abilities and his great knowledge. His eagerness to share this with everyone was even more impressive. The fact that he travelled from Vancouver to spend this weekend with us was greatly appreciated by everyone present. And we all also want to thank his family for sharing him with us.

Shihan Ray and all the students, would also like to thank Sensei Moji Talebzadeh, Branch Chief of Nova Scotia, and host of this clinic, for making this weekend possible. All his time and efforts in bringing Shihan Hamid to Eastern Canada resulted in a very successful and well organized weekend! Also just to note that Sensei Kristen and Michelle, students from Maine Kyokushin-Kan, that travelled all this way to train with our Canadian Kyokushin-Kan Family, it was great to train with you both again!

Hopefully we can make this an annual event!

15 - Black Belt Grading

November 5th and 6th, 2010

The second day of the Black Belt grading test was held at St-Henri school on Saturday November 13th, and started at 11 am ending around 5 pm.
Shihan Ray was very proud of everyone that participated that day either as a candidate or supporter. Everyone at the dojo would also like to thank Sensei Moji Talebzadeh Branch Chief of Nova Scotia for attending, as well as Sensei Bill Conley and his team from St-Stephen.
Shihan Ray also would like to mention the excellent job that Senseis Robert Poirier, Bob Myers and JJ Nowlan did for their part of grading the candidates.