ACKK Traditions

The latest in a long list of ACKK traditions...
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The new ACKK Fight Team

(All Coke Kyokushin Karate)

Centres Ray Cormier has developed many traditions since it first opened. One of the more popular being the Haircuts. Every year before the Elite tournament, in Montreal, the rookies sit down and get the heads shaved. Each person has their own techniques thus making for some pretty interesting hair styles. The women also participate by having the eye brows partially shaved. Everything we do is meant to be fun. Nothing is permanent with the women or juniors. The men give their full consent. In 2001, we added to this tradition. No longer is it just the hair but as you will see we raided the make-up cabinets as well.


It all begins with a simple slip of the razor. Oops!

3rd North American Hosted by Shihan Andre Gilbert
Montreal, Quebec

(Above) Members of Centres Ray Cormier posed with the Coca Cola Girls. Thr girls were going around promoting the new Vanilla Coke.


(Above) In order to enter this tournament ever fighter has to go to a weigh in. Each of the categories are divided by weight so if a competitor fails to meet the weight requirements they have one night to lose the extra pounds. If you don't you are disqualified. Melanie Tremblay did whatever it took to lose those pounds. Melanie I don't think this fashion statement will last long.

(Below) It seems that when one thing goes wrong the rest is just straight downhill. Melanie also had the pleasure of Sensei Ray Cormier trying to help her find a new hairstyle. Better luck next time!


All American Open 2002 hosted by Shihan Gorai
New York City 2002

(Below) Senseis Ray Cormier, Pam Taylor, Isabelle Nowlan, Monelle Richard and Rene Dupuis. These members of Centres Ray Cormier took some time to see the sights in New York City. It was a busy weekend for Centres Ray Cormier with great results. For more information about the tournament see International Tournaments.


Watch that first step!!


Be careful not to poke an eye out!!




Wanna Bet?!

Sensei Ray Cormier has successfully trained many athletes, which have brought home various place trophies from various tournaments around the world. At the latest World Tournament in Maine, Sensei Ray Cormier had 4 students entered. He made a bet with the four of them that they would not be able to take a first place. If they did he agreed to let them shave his mustache. To Sensei Ray's surprise the team of four took one 1st place and two 2nd place trophies. For more information on this tournament see World Tournaments. So while attending another tournament in New York City Sensei Monelle and Isabelle finally cornered Sensei Ray and it was off with the mustache.

This is could be the results when you make a bet that you think you can win. I think we all know who won this one. So before you make a bet with someone take a look at these pictures. You may change your mind. Special thanks to Shihan Andre Gilbert for helping set this up.

Senseis Isabelle Nowlan and Monelle Richard got to do the honors.



The finished product, nice job Isabelle!

The Victims of May 18th Tournament / 2002
Rimouski, Quebec

Students from Centres Ray Cormier attended a tournament in Rimouski, Quebec, on May 18. If you are interested in the tournament results please see International Tournaments.

Keeping with the Centres tradition, Roger Belliveau was the center of attention. We will just say he was a little too tied up for comments.

There is always a day in the year in which no one is safe. For Shawn Leblanc this day just happen to fall over the weekend of this tournament. Birthdays are very special days for Centres Ray Cormier. Happy Birthday Shawn!!

Hope you like birthday cake!

The Victims of March 17th Tournament / 2002
Montreal, Quebec

There were 7 rookies at this years Montreal Elite Tournament. They were all nervous about Senseis Monelle Richard and Isabelle Nowlan working there magic on them. They all breathed a sign of relief when they decided not to attend. That breathe was quickly sucked back out of them when the saw the makeup brought out. This was the first chance Sensei Pam Taylor had to get revenge on those who branded her at her first tournament.

Remember never let your guard down until you are back home! You never know who is waiting for there chance to practice there hair and make-up skills.

(Above) David Leblanc was the first volunteer, well sort of. Or should I say he wasn't fast enough to get away!

The Rookies of 2002

(Above) Erica Melanson and Lisa Griffin. (Below) Shawn Leblanc, Jerome Leblanc, David Leblanc, David Arseneau and Jacques Leblanc.

The First Rookies Branded!

These were the students who started the friendly tradition of unnatural hair loss. Don't worry it grows back.

Just think if they weren't keeping themselves busy doing this would you be able to sleep with one eye open?