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NEW!! Pictures from the 2006 Australian World Championship!

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7th pen World Tournament for Men and the 2nd World Championships for Women Kyokushin World Cup Full Contact Karate Championships
7th World Championships in Japan
World Tournament in Paris
1st Women's World Tournament
World Championship Ultimate Test

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7th Open World Tournament for Men and the 2nd World Championships for Women

From Left to right: Iran Hadi Azikhani (First Place Winner Open Weight), Canada Monelle Richards (Heavy Weight Winner), Russia Anna Kukarina (Light Weight Winner)

On November 27th & 28th, 2004, a group of karatekas represented Canada in Isesaki, Japan in the 7th Open World Tournament for Men and the 2nd World Championships for Women. In this group of nine competitors, the following represented Atlantic Canada Kyokushin Karate:

Terry Bastarache [Moncton], René Dupuis [Memramcook], Gilles (Bill) Gaudet [Bouctouche], Oswald (Ozzy) McFadden [Bouctouche], Robert Poirier [Moncton] in the men’s division and Sonya Caissie [Dieppe], Mélanie Tremblay [Dieppe] and Monelle Richard [Moncton], in the women’s division.

This was the biggest group from our schools chosen to compete in Japan, and the training they went through to prepare for such a great challenge was by far the hardest seen to date. But at the end of the two-day event, all the hard work paid off.

Not a single fighter lost by knockout, but by decision. In the men division, some of the Canadian fighters reached the third round, with Jimmy from Montreal, reaching the fourth. While all the fighters did well, Terry Bastarache had a great win in his fight against the Australian Champion, but unfortunately broke his finger. He fought again, losing by decision. Bill Gaudet also reached the third round, as did René Dupuis, who was able to win two fights, in this Open weight category. René was the only one not to receive a by.

As for the women, they also had great fights. Unfortunately both Mélanie and Sonya lost by decisions in their first fights. As for Monelle Richard, she took home the First Place trophies, and became the Women World Champion in the Heavyweight division.

One of the smallest one in that category, Monelle had awesome fights both days. In her final fight with a Russian, they went in two overtimes. After the first overtime, Monelle received two flags, while two judges gave hikiwate, but Shihan Roman who was the ref for these fights, decided on another overtime to give the women a chance for a clean win. Monelle finally won, getting two wazaris, and winning by ippon, full point.

Two days later, Matsushima Kancho, who had never seen a Tournament fighter pass their next dan right after the World Championships, promoted both Monelle and René to 2nd dan.

From Left to right: Shihan Roman (7TH Dan and Country representative), Robert Poirier (Moncton), Terry Bastarache (Moncton), Bill Gaudet (Dieppe),Oswald McFadden (Dieppe), Rene Dupuis (Moncton) Front Row: Sensei Ray Cormier (Moncton), Monelle Richard (Moncton), Mélanie Tremblay (Dieppe),Sonya Caissie (Dieppe), Sensei Daniel Gaudet (Dieppe).





Kyokushin World Cup Full Contact Karate Championships

Members of Centres Ray Cormier attended Kyokushin Karate World Cup Full Contact Championships hosted by Kansho Yoshikazu Matsushima President of IKO. There were fighters from all over the world, such as: Japan, Georgia, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Poland, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, USA, New Zealand and Canada. This was a 2 day tournament held in Lewiston, Maine on June 15th and 16th.

(Above from Left to Right) Senseis Monelle Richard, Roger Belliveau and Isabelle Nowlan. Isabelle Nowlan took 1st place in the Women's Heavyweight division. She is the first woman to win a World Championship in Centres Ray Cormier. Roger Belliveau took 2nd place. Kansho Matsushima chose Roger as the best spirit fighter of the day, at the age of 49. Monelle Richard took 2nd place in the Women's middle weight division. Her last fight was against a 4 time World champion. Sensei Rene Dupuis also competed in this tournament, he finished in 7th place overall.



(Below) During the tournament our fighters took the time to sign their autographs for some of the juniors.


7th World Championships in Japan

(Above) Sensei Daniel Gaudet. (Above) In 1999 Sensei Gaudet was invited to 7th World Championships in Japan. Sensei Ray Cormier accompanied him along with several students from other parts of Canada.

(Below) These pictures were taken outside of the Honbu in Tokyo, Japan.






(Below) Shihan Royama 7th dan and Shihan Goda 8th dan

(Below) Sensei Daniel Gaudet finally found his dream car!!

(Above) It would be hard to find a empty seat at this Tournament.

World Tournament in Paris


(Above) Sensei Ray Cormier and Sensei Guy Marquis. During March 1998 Sensei Guy Marquis was also invited to a World Tournament in Paris. This one was held in Paris, France.

1st Women's World Tournament


(Above) Sensei Sonya Caissie went to New York City to participate in the 1st Women's World Tournament in 1996.

World Championship Ultimate Test

(Above) Sensei Ray Cormier with his first student Sensei Maurice Leblanc. Sensei Maurice took 1st place in the middle weight category at the World Championship Ultimate Test. This took place in 1995 in Atlantic City.