International Tournaments

Kyokushin, being a full contact Martial Art has many tournaments that are full contact knock-down. Juniors, which is 17 and under, wear some equipment, a helmet, shin pads and gloves. Adults fight with no equipment whatsoever. Usually fights last 2 minutes each and can be won by more then one way, by Ippon (full point) which is either a knock out or if the opponent falls and is down for 5 seconds. With 2 Wazari (half points) he goes down for 2 and a half seconds. If after 2 minutes the fight is a draw there can be up to 2, two minute extensions after which a winner must be chosen by the judges.

Guardian Challenge (Winnipeg)
November 2008

Sensei Ray was really impress with the Tournament in Winnipeg hosted by Sensei Diego and his wife Rhea.Safety was first and the semi and full Contact fighting were great technical fighters. We really had a good time in this tournament. We would like also to thank Jon Ogden who drove us to the tournament from the Motel and back. We were treated really nicely with him and we thanks also Rhea and Lui for the transportation our girls to the tournament also. It was the first time we had competed with so many other style then Kyokushin Karate like Kung Fu Ishi ryu and Mix martial Art. I would like to thank also Sensei Moji for his officiating and his fighters from Nova Scotia part of ACKK team.with Sensei Diego and his western official team, All were fair for all the different style. Congrat to you again Sensei Diego and your team.

US Open
September 2008

The ACKK School was treated very nicely with great accommodation for all of us. Sensei Ray Cormier and his fighters and coaches would like to Thank Shihan Kenji Fujiwara and his assistance Sensei Laurie Maggio for inviting us to their first tournament. It was a real success and their hard work the put into there tournament show really well that day.

Junior Team Canada
Saitama City Japan April 26/27

Tournament and Japan Trip Pictures Below
Mount Mitsumine & Sosai Oyama's Memorial
Brown Belt Grading at Mount Mitsumine

From Moncton and Memramcook, this is the Junior Team Canada.

This team has been training and fundraising for the better part of a year to make the trip to Saitama City Japan in April 2008. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and all Canadian members of Kyokushin-Kan are behind them, and applaud their efforts.

Congratulations on making the team, bon voyage and good luck to all.


In late February, the parents of the Japan Junior Team got a taste of  the dedication and perseverance of their children by training with them for an evening.

Welcome to Japan!

The Canadian Team from Moncton, Memramcook & Montreal with Coaches & Parents.
The Canadian Team arrives at the Tournament Site.
Some of the over 1200 participants.
Opening Ceremony with Ceremonial Drummer.
Guy Doiron, Mathieu Pelletier & Brandon Nowlan stretching before the fights.
Luc Allain; yellow belt, against a brown belt from Japan.
Senseis Ray & JJ Coaching.
Brandon Nowlan; blue belt, delivers mawashi geri to a brown belt from Japan.
Guy Doiron; green belt, throws mawashi geri to a brown belt from Japan.
Andre Allain against a green belt form Japan.
Josée in fight
Josée in fight
Mathieu Pelletier against a green belt from Japan.   Stephanie Cormier; yellow belt.
Sensei JJ; coach, Luc, Japanese fighter & Sensei Ray
Sensei Roger, Randy Leger; blue belt & Japanese fighter
Sensei Melanie & Josée LaFlamme
Guy & Irene
Senseis Sandrine & Melissa
Sensei Ray talking with Sensei Vittorio Russo, Montreal
Sensei Vittorio & Sensei Ray
The Head Table
Tsuyoshi Hiroshige, fuku-Kancho [Vice-Chairman] (left), Kancho Royama (centre)
Junior Canadian Team with Kancho Royama
Sensei Vittorio, Kancho Royama, Shihan José Milan & Sensei Ray.
Randy getting his jacket signed by Shihan Milan.
Mount Mitsumine & Sosai's Memorial
The New Brunswick Karatekas on Mount Mitsumine.
The Dojo Instructors climbing up to Sosai's Memorial.
Senseis Ray, Roger & Melanie climb to Sosai's Memorial.
Paying homage to Sosai.   Sensei Marji & Ray with Mario, André & Luc atop Mount Mitsumine.
Gratefull for his gift of Kyokushin.   Senseis Ray & Marji visit Honbu.
Jump squats down the stone steps.   Mount Mitsumine.
Brown Belt Grading at Mount Mitsumine
Sensei JJ & Justin.
Grading on Mount Mitsumine.
Sensei Sandrine & Guy.
Sensei Melanie & Martin
Irene & Sensei Denise
Simon & Sensei André
Sensei Melanie & Irene
Sensei André & Irene
Sensei Melanie watches son Martin.
Sensei Melanie & Martin.
Sensei Melanie & Martin.
Sensei Melanie & Martin.
Sensei Melanie & Justin.   Sensei Roger & Simon.
Martin & Sensei JJ.   Guy & Sensei Denise.
Guy   Justin & Sensei André
Sensei Denise & Martin.   Irene & Josée
Sensei Ray
Senseis André & Ray

Members of ACKK atended a tournament in Rimouski Quebec on April 28 & 29 2007 hosted by Shihan Sylvain Lessard. The next tournament scheduled for ACKK members is the Guardian Challenge in Winnipeg Manitoba on June 2 2007 hosted by Sensei Diego Beltran. This will be followed up in October 2007 in Dartmouth Nova Scotia whicj will also be the trials for the Canadian Junior team for an upcoming tournament in Japan April 2008. This will be the first ever Kyokushin tournament held in Nova Scotia Canada.


Shihan Sylvain Lessard
Canadian Championships
April 2007

Stephanie Cormier • Sensei Ray Cormier • Karelle Buotte

Sensei Melanie Tremblay, Instructor and Director of the Edmunston School, with a team of fighters and Sensei Ray Cormier

Sensei Ron Cormier , Kersti Kass & Denise Kenny with Sensei Ray Cormier

Senseis Ray Cormier, Moji Telebzadeh, Shihan Andre Gilbert & tournament host, Shihan Sylvain Lessard


Top Karate Fighters in Spotlight

By Sean Hatchard
Times & Transcript Staff

If you like top-notch karate, two-by-four smashing, that type of thing, you'll really like this.

Moncton-based Atlantic Canada Kyokushin Karate hosts the North American Karate Championships today at Mathieu-Martin High School in Dieppe.The event, which will feature nearly 80 athletes from across Canada, United States, Armenia and Belgium, will be used as qualifying for the world championships in Australia in November. "We'll have the best of the best from Canada and the United States. The talent level will be pretty high," said event co-ordinator Ray Cormier, who operates the Atlantic Canada Kyokushin Karate organization in the Maritimes. "People can expect full-contact knockdown fighting. These are people who break two-by-fours, baseball bats with their shins. There will be demonstrations with bricks. There's no gear, there's no shin pads, nothing on their hands. It's quite a show." The championships, which is open to fighters of all martial arts styles, will feature both semi-knockdown and knockdown divisions, along with various demonstrations. Preliminary action will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The major event of the day will be the knockdown finals beginning at 6 p.m., which will determine who qualifies for the world championships. "That's going to be the major event and that's where you'll see the top fighters. It should be very exciting," Cormier said. Cormier said he'll have 12 athletes from his Atlantic Canada Kyokushin Karate organization competing today. Ones to watch include world women's heavyweight champion Monelle Richard, Melanie Tremblay, Robert Poirier, Andre Doiron, Martin Savoie, J.J. Nowlan, Mathieu Boucher and Guy Marquis, a RCMP officer from Lameque who is a five-time Canadian champion. It's the first time the North American championships has ever been held in New Brunswick. Cormier said it's biggest karate event to ever hit the province.


Men's Divisions

Here is the list of the people who classified and will be representing Canada at the Australian World cup. There are up to four people who classified in each divisions.

Men Light Weight Sean Devlin Winnipeg (Sensei Diego Beltran)
Andre Doiron Moncton (Sensei Ray Cormier)
Mathieu Boucher Moncton (Sensei Ray Cormier)

Men Middle weight
Martin Savoie Dieppe & Bouctouche (Sensei Daniel Gaudet)
John J Nolan Moncton (Sensei Ray Cormier)

Men Heavy weight
Robert Poirier Moncton (Sensei Ray Cormier)
Guy Marquis Lameque Montreal (Sensei Guy Marquis)
George Ohan Montreal Montreal (Sensei George & Dominique Ohan)

Women's Divisions


Women Heavy weight
Monelle Richard Moncton (Sensei Ray Cormier)
Sonya LeBlanc Bouctouche Dieppe & Bouctouche (Sensei Daniel Gaudet)

USA Women champion:
Debbie Light Rochester New York (Sensei Rene Cruz)

Centres Ray Cormier attend many tournaments both inside and outside of Canada. To go directly to a specific part on this page click on the links provided:
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Or you can simply scroll down to view the most recent tournaments attended by Centres Ray Cormier. As well as past tournaments and other pictures related to tournaments.

7th Mas Oyama Cup 2004
Hosted by Shihan Roman and the Ohan brothers

Centres Ray Cormier had a very good turn out for this tournament. Robert Poirier recieved first place, Erica Melanson first place, Nicole Cormier first place in the yellow belt open weight and Roger Belliveau first place. Congratualtions! Win or lose these tournaments are an excellent learning experience.

(Below) These are just a few pictures of the fights that took place.




(Below) Sensei Ray Cormier with a plaque thanking those who attending this tournament.

15th November, 2003
Antwerp - Belgium

Centres Ray Cormier had four students representing the North American Team in Belgium. The men, André Doiron, René Dupuis and Robert Poirier, all had excellent fights, but the big winner was Monelle Richard who won first place in the Women’s Heavyweight division and also won the best spirit award for the women's category, for best fighter.

(Above) Monelle Richard with her trophies. (Above) Monelle on the podium.

(Above) Shihan Roman and Monelle. (Above) Monelle with Sensei Ray Cormier

(Above) Monelle with her opponents and Robert Poirier with his Russian opponent.

(Above First picture) Team Canada with Kancho Yushikazo Matsushima. (Above Second picture) Klaus Maine and Sensei Ray Cormier. (Above Third) Team Atlantic with Shihan John Taylor.

(Above First picture) The team with some fighters from the US and South America. (Above Second picture) A picture of all the winners. (Above Third) Now the tournament is done and everyone eats, cause there is no more worries to make the weigh-in till the next tournament.

14TH AIKK Championships in Rimouski, Quebec; 2003 Hosted by Shihan Sylvain Lessard

Centres Ray Cormier had many students attend a recent tournament held in Rimouski, Quebec. The Centres turned out excellent results and the tournament was a big success all around.

Congratulations everyone!

(Above; Front Row) Rachelle LeBlanc-Cormier 2nd place Kumite; Max Gérin-Ouellet , 2nd place Kata; Jorden Thibodeau, 2nd place Kumite & Nicole Cormier, 1st place Kumite (Above; Back Row) Sensei Ray Cormier; Sensei Roger Belliveau, 1st place Kumite; Robert Poirier, 2nd place Kumite; Sensei André Doiron, 1st place Kumite & Sensei Pierre Gérin.

(Above) Sensei Ray Cormier talking to the team from Centres Ray Cormier.

Oyama Tournament

Senseis Ray Cormier and Robert Poirier attended the Oyama Tournament held in Jonquiere, Quebec. As the only Centres Ray Cormier student in attendance he had a big job representing the Centres. Sensei Robert did an excellent job. He finished in 3rd place.

Congratulations Robert!

(Above) Senseis Ray Cormier and Robert Poirier.

(Above; Left Picture; From Left to Right) Shihan Sylvain Lessard from Rimouski; Sensei Ray Cormier and Robert Poirier and the Rimouski team (Above; Second Picture; Left to Right) Shihan Sylvain Lessard; Robert Poirier and Sensei Ray Cormier (Above; Third Picture; Left to Right) Sensei Ray Cormier; Robert , John and Barry with their trophies. (Above; Right; Left to Right) Sensei Robert with the Oyama Karate team

Above are a couple of pictures taken during the breaking portion of the tournament. Sensei Robert has to break in seiza because of his height. There are also two pictures of Robert 's Fights.

(Below) Sensei Robert with his first opponent.

March 15th 2003; Montreal, 3rd North American Tournament hosted by Shihan André Gilbert

Centres Ray Cormier was well represented at this years North American Tournament. In all the Centres had 11 people representing the group. Sonia Leblanc from Bouctouche took 2nd place, Erica Melanson took 3rd place, Roger Belliveau took 3rd place, Isabelle Nowlan took 2nd place and Monelle Richard took 2nd place.

The others also did very well in there fights. David Leblanc and Terry Bastarache both won their first fight. Each of the competitors fought hard and smart. All in all this was a successful tournament for Centres Ray Cormier.


(Above; Left) Sensei Monelle Richard, Kancho Shokei Matsui and Melanie Tremblay. (Above; Middle) Sensei Ray Cormier, Shihan Bobbi Low and Sensei Ray Cormier's daughter Rachelle Cormier (Above; Right) Rachelle Cormier, Kancho Shokei Matsui and Lisa Griffin.

(Above) Senseis Isabelle Nowlan and Mellissa Murakami from Richmond BC.

October 12th 2002; Montreal,
IKO 3 North American Tournament hosted by Shihan Roman

Recently members of Centres Ray Cormier participated in the IKO 3 North American Championships. The team return with some impressive results. Sensei Rene Dupuis took first place in the Mens Middle Weight division. Sensei Rene fought against Sensei Joe Adesso, a 4th dan. Sensei Andre Doiron won first place in the Lightweight Jr division. David Leblanc took third place in the Lightweight Jr division. Denis Legace won his first fight but because of an injury had to forfiet from the tournament. Contgratulations to those who competed in this tournament. Sensei Ray Cormier would also like to thank Robert Poirier for his part. He helped to make sure all the fighters were warm-up and ready to fight.

(Front Row: Left to Right) David Leblanc, Senseis Andre Doiron and Rene Dupuis (Back Row: Left to Right) Robert Poirier and Denis Legace


(Below First Picture: Left to Right) Senseis Ray Cormier, Rene Dupuis, Andre Doiron, Robert Poirier; David Leblanc and Denis Legace
(Middle Picture: Left to Right)
David Leblanc, Sensei Andre Dorion, Sensei Rene Dupuis and Denis Legace.
(Third Picture: Left to Right)
Senseis Ray Cormier, Rene Dupuis, Andre Doiron; David Leblanc and Denis Legace

(Below First Picture: Left to Right) Sensei Rene Dupuis and Sensei Joe Adesso.
(Below Middle Picture: Left to Right)
Student under the direction of Sensei Irek from Ontario and Sensei Rene Dupuis.

June 29th 2002; New York,
All American Open Karate Championships hosted by Shihan Katsuhito Gorai

(First Picture: Left to Right) Sensei Ray Cormier, Sensei Monelle Richard, Shihan Stuart Corrigal, Sensei Isabelle Nowlan and Sensei Rene Dupuis.
(Middle Picture: Left to Right)
Sensei Monelle, Kancho Shokei Matsui and Sensei Isabelle.
(Third Picture: Left to Right)
Sensei Ray Cormier, Sensei Monelle, Shihan Bobby Lowe, Sensei Isabelle and Sensei Pam Taylor.


Three students from Centres Ray Cormier had some impressive results from their recent tournament in New York City. Sensei Isabelle Nowlan won 1st place in the Women's Heavyweight division. She then moved on to fight for the Women's "Yokozuna" (Grand Champion). Sensei Monelle Richard won 3rd place in the Women's Middleweight division. Both senseis Isabelle and Monelle had very good fights. Each one having fought Adrianna Bienkowska, winner of the Women's "Yokozuna".

Sensei Pam Taylor had a good finish in the Advanced Kata division. This is only the second time that Centres Ray Cormier had a participant in kata enter into a international tournament. It is the first time for a tournament held outside of Canada.

Centres Ray Cormier has many students that partake in the full contact aspect of Kyokushin tournaments. This has resulted in many trophies for the Centres. When asked to compete in kata events only a few students are willing to try. Many students say that the kata events are harder on your nerves and concentration. So one of the goals of Sensei Ray Cormier is to put together a kata team that can bring home the same results that his fighters are known for.

Congratulations to Senseis Isabelle Nowlan, Monelle Richard and Pam Taylor.



(Below First Picture: Left to Right) Senseis Adrianna Bienkowska (Poland) and Isabelle Nowlan. (Below Middle Picture: Left to Right) Senseis Isabelle, Adrianna Bienkowska, Ewa Paulikowska (Poland) and Monelle Richard. (Below Third Picture: Left to Right) Senseis Adrianna Bienkowska and Monelle Richard.





(Below Left) Sensei Ray Cormier and Lechi Kurbanov (Russia). (Below Right) Sensei Isabelle Nowlan and Claudia Martin (Chile).


Rimouski Tournament; 2002

(Back Row: Left to Right) Melanie Tremblay, Monique Leblanc, Monelle Richard, Isabelle Nowlan, André Doiron and Roger Belliveau. (Middle Row: Left to Right) Shawn Leblanc, Vanessa Leblanc, Erica Melanson, Nicole O'Connor and Denis Lagace. (Front Row: Left to Right) Sensei Ray Cormier, Spencer , Natasha Hedderson, Gabrielle Vautour, Nicole Rawlins-Leblanc and Sensei René Dupuis.


March 23rd 2002; Montreal, Elite Tournament hosted by Shihan André Gilbert

(Back Row: Left to Right) Shihan André Gilbert, Sensei Ray Cormier (Middle Row: Left to Right) David Leblanc (2nd Place), Sensei Rene Dupuis (3rd Place), Monique Leblanc (2nd Place), Lisa Griffin (3rd Place), Erica Melanson (2nd Place), Shawn Leblanc (2nd Place). (Front Row: Left to Right) David Duplessis, Pam Taylor, Jerome Leblanc, André Doiron, Jacques LeBlanc, David Arseneau.

(Above) Pam Taylor and Lisa Griffin.

Centres Ray Cormier has been competing at the Elite Tournament since 1988. This years tournament marks a first for the Centres. Pam Taylor and Lisa Griffin are the first students to compete in the kata division at the Elite Tournament. Sensei Ray Cormier has seen many of his fighters place and he now has a new challenge with the Kata Division.

March 24th 2001; Montreal, North American competition hosted by Shihan André Gilbert

Isabelle Nowlan

2nd Degree

Monelle Richard

1st Degree


Women's Heavy Weight

1st Place

Women's Middle Weight

1st Place

North American Champion


(Above) The team members of the 2001 North American Championships in Montreal, Quebec. (Middle Picture) This picture is of the complete team. (Back Row) Sensei Ray Cormier, Sensei Ralph Gallant, Andre Doiron, David Duplessis, Brian Nowlan, Sensei Serge Allain. (Front Row) Sensei Daniel Gaudet, Monelle Richard, Isabelle Nowlan and Sensei Rene Dupuis.

First Senseis Of Centres Ray Cormier

(Top Row: Left to Right) Senseis Maurice Leblanc, Gilles Gaudet, Daniel Gaudet. (Bottom Row: Left to Right) Senseis Sonya Caissie, Ralph Gallant

Sensei Daniel Gaudet
Sensei Raynald Lamarre





Past Tournaments

(Above Left) Monelle Richard 1st Place. (Above Middle) The North American Championships in New York City. (Above Right) Isabelle Nowlan 2nd Place.

(Above) Sensei Guy Marquis with his student Monelle Richard.

(Above Left) This picture was taken after the first tournament hosted by Centres Ray Cormier. (Above Middle) This tournament was also hosted by Centres Ray Cormier after Sensei Ray Cormier opened his school in Moncton. (Above Right) Participants of the Oyama Karate tournament on October 2nd, 1999.

(Above Left) The NB participants at a tournament in Rimouski. (Above Right) A few Black Belts that attended the tournament in Rimouski.

(Top Row: Left to Right) NB Team 1990, NB Team 1992, NB Team 1993, NB Team 1995, (Bottom Row: Left to Right) NB Team 1996, NB Team 1999,

(Below) Sensei Ray Cormier coaches his students before competing in the Canadian Championships In Montreal.

(Below) Winners from The Canadian Championships.

(Below) The first 2 pictures are of Sensei Ralph Gallant competing in the tournament hosted by Shihan Andre Gilbert. The third picture is of Sensei Gilles Gaudet delivering and devastating axe kick.

(Below) Some competitors and instructors from the NB team at the Elite Tournament in Montreal. (Left To Right) Sensei Ray Cormier, Sensei Ralph Gallant, Pierre Bastrache, Brian Nowlan, Isabelle Nowlan, Sensei Daniel Gaudet.

Tournaments Outside Canada

Centres Ray Cormier students have participated in many tournaments. This page is of the tournaments outside Canada.


Atlantic City