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Nova Scotia Cup 2007

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First off I would like to extend Congratulation to Sensei Moji in charge of Nova Scotia Branch and his partner co-host of the tournament, Sensei Patrick Millette. As this was their first knock down Kyokushin tournament, I would like to congratulate them on a job well done with their wives Susan and Marie-Pier for all the work these two women have done with their husbands on their first Kyokushin-Kan tournament.

Thanks to Sensei Diego of Winnipeg for giving an official clinic for the ACKK officials. Diego Sensei was very informative when he give his seminar the night before. Thanks to all the officials, students and parents who put a lot in this tournament to help. Sensei Moji would like also to thank Marc Andre Losier for working really hard for the tournament sponsors for the 2007 Nova Scotia Cup.

Also I would like to thank all instructors who came to support this tournament:

Sensei Sensei Mojtaba (Moji) Talebzadeh Halifax NS Tournament Host "Kyokushin-Kan"
Sensei Patrick Millette Dartmouth NS Tournament Co-Host " Kyokushin -Kan"
Sensei Nathan Waterman and Sensei Rick McMullen Bear River NS "Kyokushin-Kan"
Sensei Diego Beltran Branch chief of Manitoba" Kyokushin-kan"
Sensei Daniel Gaudet Dieppe "IKO Matsushima"
Sensei Richard Poulin Branch chief Quebec and Ontario "Kyokushin-Kan
Sensei Vittorio Russo Montreal "Kyokushin-Kan"
Sensei Rene Cruz Rochester New York "IKO Matsushima"
Sensei Tanton PEI "Shin Kyokushin"
Sensei Diane Felx Montreal
Sensei John Pendergast Halifax "Kanreikai"
Sensei Roger Belliveau Memramcook NB Kyokushin-Kan
Sensei Melanie tremblay Edmunston NB Kyokushin-Kan
Sensei Monelle Richard and Sensei Robert Poirier For Moncton NB Kyokushin - Kan


Tournament Pictures:
Centres Ray Cormier, Latest Tournament


APRIL 8, 2006

Shihan Roman Szyrajew President of the Canadian Kyokushin Organization

Sensei Ray Cornier
Branch Chief



If you like top-notch karate, two-by-four smashing, that type of thing, you'll really like this.

Moncton-based Atlantic Canada Kyokushin Karate hosts the North American Karate Championships today at Mathieu-Martin High School in Dieppe.

The event, which will feature nearly 80 athletes from across Canada, United States, Armenia and Belgium, will be used as qualifying for the world championships in Australia in November.

"We'll have the best of the best from Canada and the United States. The talent level will be pretty high," said event co-ordinator Ray Cormier, who operates the Atlantic Canada Kyokushin Karate organization in the Maritimes.

"People can expect full-contact knockdown fighting. These are people who break two-by-fours, baseball bats with their shins. There will be demonstrations with bricks. There's no gear, there's no shin pads, nothing on their hands. It's quite a show."

The championships, which is open to fighters of all martial arts styles, will feature both semi-knockdown and knockdown divisions, along with various demonstrations.

Preliminary action will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The major event of the day will be the knockdown finals beginning at 6 p.m., which will determine who qualifies for the world championships.

"That's going to be the major event and that's where you'll see the top fighters. It should be very exciting," Cormier said.

Cormier said he'll have 12 athletes from his Atlantic Canada Kyokushin Karate organization competing today. Ones to watch include world women's heavyweight champion Monelle Richard, Melanie Tremblay, Robert Poirier, Andre Doiron, Martin Savoie, J.J. Nowlan, Mathieu Boucher and Guy Marquis, a RCMP officer from Lameque who is a five-time Canadian champion.

It's the first time the North American championships has ever been held in New Brunswick. Cormier said it's biggest karate event to ever hit the province.


Here is the list of the people who classified and will be representing Canada at the Australian World cup. There are up to four people who classified in each divisions.

Men's Divisions

Men Light Weight
Sean Devlin Winnipeg (Sensei Diego Beltran)
Andre Doiron Moncton (Sensei Ray Cormier)
Mathieu Boucher Moncton (Sensei Ray Cormier)
The 4th. person will be announced in a week or so.

Men Middle weight
Martin Savoie Dieppe & Bouctouche (Sensei Daniel Gaudet)
John J Nolan Moncton (Sensei Ray Cormier)

Men Heavy weight
Robert Poirier Moncton (Sensei Ray Cormier)
Guy Marquis Lameque Montreal (Sensei Guy Marquis)
George Ohan Montreal Montreal (Sensei George & Dominique Ohan)

Women's Divisions

Women Heavy weight
Monelle Richard Moncton (Sensei Ray Cormier)
Sonya LeBlanc Bouctouche Dieppe & Bouctouche (Sensei Daniel Gaudet)

USA Women champion:
Debbie Light Rochester New York (Sensei Rene Cruz)


Osu Shihan, Sensei and Kohai,

I would like to THANK other schools that their fighters did so well but are not in the IKO Matsushima school.

Eileen Michiel Sensei Bill Dufour Dawson Creek BC Took second place heavyweight and first place light weight.

Jean Rene Larose St Hubert Team Sensei Jacques Latreille and Diane Felx Royama organization. First place middleweight.

Trevor Ferguson PEI Team Keith Tanton 4th place middleweight winner, from IKO 2 organization.

Thank you all instructors for your great team of fighters and your great skills to bring such HIGH calibre fighters to our tournament. Your hard work of training them I am sure was appreciated by your fighters. Thank you all for being a big part to raise our calibre of tournament up to the max because of YOUR presence here on that day.

To all Officials I thank you so much for the great work!

This is the list of instructors who supported. Thanks for the support and hope you made the trip home safely.

Shihan Roman In charge of North America.
Shihan Marc from Belgium
Shihan Real De Repentigny
Sensei Daniel Gaudet Dieppe & Bouctouche
Sensei Diego Beltran Winnipeg MB
Sensei Moji Talebzadeh Halifax NS
Sensei Bill Dufour Dawson Creek BC "Oyama family organization"
Sensei Diane Felx "Royama organization" MontreaL
Sensei Richard Poulin "Royama Organization" Montreal.
Sensei Rene Cruz Rochester New York USA
Sensei Guy Marquis Lameque NB
Sensei George O'Han Montreal Quebec
Sensei Patrick Millette Dartmouth NS
Sensei Marc Paradis Moncton Soke Dai Martial Art.
Sensei John Taiyo martial Arts
Sensei Nathan Waterman Bear River NS
Sensei Vittorio Russo Montreal
Sensei Roger Belliveau Memramcook NB
Sensei John K Montreal
Sensei Patsy Lavoie Montreal
Sensei Keith Tanton PEI
Sensei Dimitri Montreal

Again thanks for your great support!
Osu! Osu!

Ray Cormier, Sensei Branch Chief,





Atlantic Canada Kyokushin Karate - 2005 Championships

Centres Ray Cormier hosted this tournament in 2005. Schools from all over Canada attended. This was a huge success for the centres. On behalf of Sensei Ray Cormier and all of his schools we would like to thank all those who attended. Congratulations to all. There was a lot of Kyokushin spirit at this tournament and we hope to continue this with the next tournament.


Here are some more pictures from the
Atlantic Canada Kyokushin Karate - 2005 Championships

Last November 10th, Kyokushin Karate NB Centres Ray Cormier were hosts to a tournament held at the Dieppe Community College. Many local & out of province karate schools were invited to this full contact event, yet only a few from Montréal, Québec showed up to participate.

The profits from the day were for a fund to send the Women Fighters to the World Tournament in Japan.

The international Kyokushin karate rules of tournament fighting were overseen by registered, international judge & referee Danny Coyle of Montréal, Québec.


The following pictures were taken at various points in the tournament. The first set of pictures are of people receiving their trophies.





Junior Men (15 - 17Yrs) Green Belt

1st - David Leblanc - Memramcook
2nd – Ryan Trites - Moncton
3rd – Julien Goguen - Cocagne

Junior Men (15 - 17Yrs) Black Belt 140Lbs & Under

1st - Andre Doiron - Moncton
2nd - Michael Allain - Bouctouche
3rd - Daniel Doiron - Moncton

Junior Men (15 - 17Yrs) Black Belt 141Lbs & Over

1st - David Duplessis - Shediac
2nd - Charles Lacenaire - Bouctouche

Men (18 - 39Yrs) Green Belt 155Lbs & Under

1st - Michel Goguen - Cocagne
2nd - Daniel Cormier - Memramcook
3rd - Gaston Robichaud - Moncton

Men (18 - 39Yrs) Green Belt 156Lbs - 108Lbs

1st - Guy Leblanc - Memramcook
2nd - Phillipe Gauvin - Cocagne
3rd - Martin Savoie - Bouctouche

Men (18 - 39Yrs) Green Belt 181Lbs & Over

1st - Bert Gautreau - Memramcook
2nd - Aurele Brun - Moncton

Men (18 - 39Yrs) Brown Belt 155Lbs & Under

1st - Marcel Leblanc - Bouctouche
2nd - Jacques Leblanc - Memramcook

Men (18 - 39Yrs) Brown Belt 156Lbs - 180Lbs

1st - John Carrington - Montreal
2nd - Martin Leger - Memramcook

Men (40Yrs & Over) Open Weight Brown Belt

1st - Roger Belliveau - Moncton
2nd - Alan Eugeni - Montreal
3rd - Maurice Leblanc - Moncton

Men (18 - 39Yrs) Black Belt 156Lbs - 180Lbs

1st - Rene Dupuis - Memramcook
2nd - Gaetan Leblanc - Moncton

Men (18 - 39Yrs) Black Belt 181Lbs & Over

1st - Daniel Gaudet - Bouctouche
2nd - Serge Allain - Cocagne
3rd - Gilles Gaudet - Bouctouche

Women (18 - 39Yrs) Black Belt 150Lbs & Under

1st - Monelle Richard - Moncton

Women (18 - 39Yrs) Black Belt 151Lbs & Over

1st - Isabelle Nowlan - Moncton
2nd - Monique Leblanc - Moncton



1st - Alan Eugeni – Montreal
2nd - Andre Doiron - Moncton
3rd - Jacques Leblanc - Memramcook
4th - Daniel Doiron - Moncton


1st - Isabelle Nowlan - Moncton
2nd - Monelle Richard - Moncton
3rd - Monique Leblanc - Moncton
4th - Alexendra Duplessis - Shediac

Official Tournament Meeting