Black Belt Gradings

On Sept. 27, 2008, four students from ACKK passed their Black Belt.
Sensei Monelle Richard (sandan), Sensei Sandrine Giguere (nidan), Sensei Robert Poirier (nidan), Sensei Maurice Leblanc (sandan)


Self Defence





Belts and Certificates

On Dec. 3, 2006, four students from ACKK passed their Black Belt
Grading...From left to right: Sensei Ray Cormier, Ray Bujold, Denise Kenny
(Shodan), Melissa Kenny (Shodan), Marie-Claire O'Connor (Nidan), Guy Marquis
(Sandan), Daniel Gaudet and Patrick Millette.

Sensei Moji, Sensei Ray, Sensei Guy Marquis
(receiving his Sandan
Belt & certificate)
& Sensei Monelle Richard


Sensei Moji, Sensei Ray, Sensei Marie-Claire O'Connor (receiving her Nidan Belt & certificate)
& Sensei Guy Marquis


Sensei Moji, Sensei Ray, Sensei Melissa (12yrs) receiving her Shodan Belt
& certificate)
& Sensei Guy Marquis



Sensei Moji, Sensei Ray, Sensei Denise (receiving her Shodan Belt & certificate)
& Sensei Guy Marquis


Centres Ray cormier welcomed three more black belts to it's ranks, Shanie LeBlanc (11), Sandrine Giguere (12) and Nicole Cormier(17). The first picture below is of the group of people that were present for the presentation of the certificates and black belts. Congratulations to all three of you!



The grading below is for Sensies Erika Melanson and Maurice LeBlanc, both passed their grading successfully. Congratulations!

(Back Row From Left To Right) Sensei Ray Cormier, ??, ??, Sensei Daniel Gaudet, Robert Poirier, Ryan Buchanan, Sensei Roger Belliveau, Sandrine Giguere, Andre Doiron, Nicole O'Connor and Matthew Boucher. (Front Row From Left To Right) Sensei Pierre Gerin, Erika Melanson (Passed 2nd dan), Maurice LeBlanc (Passed 2nd dan), Sensei Guy Marquis



(Above) Fights for Erika Melanson. (Below) Fights for Maurice LeBlanc.



(Below First Row) It's a simple test of speed and accuracy, think about it - hot wax hurts! So you don't want to miss the target and trust me the target is not the candle. (Below Second Row) Every Black belt test has to have a breaking, below are a few pictures of Erika's breaking.



Two students of Centres Ray Cormier put their kyokushin spirit to the test in November 2004, just two days after competing in the 7th Open Japan Tournament for Men and the 2nd Japan Championships for Women. Sensei Rene Dupuis and Monelle Richard passed their 2nd dan. These are the only two students that passed there testing in Japan from Atlantic Canada Kyokushin Karate.

Kancho Matsushima was in attendance for this test and said he has never seen that before. Congratulations Rene and Monelle. Keep training hard!

(Above From Left To Right) Sensei Bob Myers, Sensei Ray Cormier, Monelle Richard, Rene Dupuis and Sensei Pierre Gerin.



In July 2004 Shihan Roman was invited for a special grading. Five students from the Centres Ray Cormier were passing fourth, third and second degree black belt. During the grading weekend all students had the opportunity to participate in a kata and judging clinic.


(Above left) In this picture we can see all the participants of the kata clinic on Friday night. (Above center) These are all the advanced belts that took the judging clinic on Sunday. (Above right) Here we can see the students who passed their belts. (From left to right) Sensei Ray Cormier, Daniel Gaudet (4th dan), Robert Myers (3rd dan), Sonia Leblanc (2nd dan), Oswald McFadden (2nd dan) and Roger Belliveau (2nd dan).

In December 2003 Centres Ray Cormier had a big turn out for the black belt grading which saw ten students pass 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree black belts. As well there were several students who passed various color belts. On behave of Centres Ray Cormier we would like to thank everyone who attended and congratulate those who passed.

(Above Back Row) Senseis Bob Myers, Maurice LeBlanc, Daniel LeBlanc, Barry Gallant (Oyama Karate), Rejean Allain, Roger Belliveau, Robert Poirer (Passed 1st Degree), Serge Allain and Marie-Claire O'Connor (Middle Row) Senseis Ralph Gallant, Paul Gallant (Oyama Karate), Daniel Gaudet, Nathan Waterman (Passed 1st Degree), Andre Doiron (Passed 2nd Degree), Pierre Gerin (Passed 3rd Degree), Monelle Richard, Rene Dupuis, Erica Melanson and Ray Cormier (Front Row) Senseis Sonia LeBlanc, Melanie Tremblay (Passed 1st Degree), Sonia Babineau (Passed 1st Degree, Vanessa Bourque (Passed 1st Degree), Nicole O'Connor (Passed 2nd Degree), David LeBlanc (Passed 1st Degree), Mathieu Boucher (Passed 1st Degree) and Maxim Gerin.





Certain belt levels require various amounts of boards to be broken. The following pictures show how each candidate varied in their breaking methods.





Every belt level also required a different amount of fights. First degree is 15 fights, second degree is 21 fights and for third degree it is 31 fights. This is not easy, as the fighters are usually a lot fresher then the candidates. It takes cardio, strength and the sure will to want to succeed. Congratulations to all the candidates.














Certificate Presentations



Black Belt Presentations




(Above From Left To Right) Senseis Ray Cormier, Maxim Gerin, Pierre Gerin and Rene Dupuis. Maxim Gerin, son of Sensei Pierre Gerin, is the latest black belt in Centres Ray Cormier. Congratulations!

(Above From Left To Right) Senseis Ralph Gallant, Gerald Cormier, Maurice LeBlanc and Ray Cormier. Gerald and Maurice passed their first degree black belt in Montreal; December 1st, 2002. Congratulations!


(Above Left) Sensei Ray Cormier presenting Sensei Maurice LeBlanc with his 1st degree black belt. (Above Middle From Left To Right) Senseis Ray Cormier, Maurice LeBlanc, Gerald Cormier and Ralph Gallant. Maurice and Gerald are receiving their black belt certificates from Japan. (Above Right) Sensei Ralph Gallant presenting Sensei Gerald Cormier with his 1st degree black belt.

(Above From Left To Right) Sensei Ray Cormier, Marie-Clare O'Connor, Roger Belliveau, Erica Melanson, and Sensei Daniel Gaudet. In December 2001, Centres Ray Cormier had students pass their black belt. Congratulations, your hard work paid off!

(Above From Left To Right) Senseis Ray Cormier, Monelle Richard, Shihan Andre Gilbert, Senseis Isabelle Nowlan and Rene Dupuis. Isabelle Nowlan went to Montrťal on the 12th and 13th of October 2001 to participate in the Dan test under the direction of Shihan Andre Gilbert, 6th dan. She successfully passed her 2nd dan.

(Above) Sensei Ray Cormier presenting Sensei Isabelle Nowlan with her 2nd Black Belt and her certificate.

(Above) In 1996 Centres Ray Cormier held a black belt pre-test for Senseis Ray Cormier, Daniel Gaudet and Guy Marguis. The pre-test was held at the annual summer camp which was at Bois Jolis. These three candidates were getting ready for their dan test in Montreal. (Below) In October of 1996, members of Centres Ray Cormier attended a dan test put on by Shihan Andre Gilbert in Montreal. Sensei Ray Cormier did 40 fights for his 4th degree, Sensei Daniel Gaudet did 31 fights for his 3rd degree and Sensei Guy Marguis did 21 fights for his 2nd degree.

Black Belt Grading December 2001

The next 23 pictures are from the black belt test done on December 15, 2001. Marie-Clare O'Connor of Moncton, Roger Belliveau of Memramcook and Erica Melanson of Bouctouche passed their first degree under the instruction of Sensei Ray Cormier.


It's Not As Easy As It Looks!!






Centres Ray Cormier's Black Belts

(Above From Left To Right) Sensei's Ray Cormier, John Leblanc, Gilles Gaudet, Sensei Alain Bonnamie (4th degree; Montreal), Maurice Leblanc, Daniel Gaudet and Sensei Pierre Collette (Currently 3rd degree, Oyama Karate). These were the first black belts produced by Centres Ray Cormier in 1988. The test was done in Montreal under the direction Shihan Andre Gilbert.

Black Belt Certificate Presentations

(Above) Senseis Guy Marquis, Ray Cormier and Daniel Gaudet receiving their certificates for 4th dan (Sensei Ray Cormier), 3rd dan (Sensei Daniel Gaudet) and 2nd dan (Sensei Guy Marquis).

(Above) Sensei Ray Cormier and Daniel Gaudet receiving their certificates for 3rd (Ray Cormier) and 2nd (Daniel Gaudet) dan.

(Above From Left To Right) Sensei's Ray Cormier with Daniel Gaudet, Gilles Gaudet and Maurice Leblanc. These were the first black belts passed in Centres Ray Cormier.

(Above) Sensei Ray Cormier with Senseis Ralph Gallant and Sonya Caissie. Both are receiving thier certificates for 1st dan.

(Above) Sensei Ray Cormier with Senseis Marji Cormier, Pam Taylor and Jean Cormier. These were Sensei Ray Cormier's first black belts from his school in Moncton. All the are receiving their certificates for 1st Dan.

Black Belt Presentations


Fights For Black Belt

In order to pass 1st degree black belt you must successfully complete 15 fights. All three candidates below passed their 1st degree.




(Above) These pictures were taken at a Black Belt grading in Montreal; hosted by Shihan Andre Gilbert.

(Above) A group of Black Belts from the Moncton dojo under the direction of Sensei Ray Cormier.

(Below) For these students, their black belt grading was in December. Sensei Ray Cormier likes outdoor training for gradings, tournaments and just for fun. Needless to say winter means nothing when it comes to training!