A belt grading consists of many parts, & criteria. There are different requirements depending on the belt you are going for. There is the workout that you have to be able to do, certain Kihons (basic movements) you must know, certain Katas, and finally 2 minute fights. The higher level belt that is being graded, the more fights that must be finished. Also when being graded for black belt (dan grade) and higher there is a written test as well as breaking. These dan tests are done in Moncton, 5th Dan and up must be passed in Japan.


(Above) A juniors grading.

(Below) The image shows a grading in Montreal. Look at all those people!

(Below) The next 9 pictures were taken during a grading and pre-test. The class was jam packed. Most people would think that a pre-test would be easier then the actual test. Ask the people who have been through a pre-test; they would not agree. BUT you are definitely ready for the real thing when it happens. Congratulations to those who passed!

(Below) These photos are from Christine Griffin's brown belt test, February 2002.


(Below) These photos are from Lisa Griffin's brown belt test, February 2002.


(Below) These 4 images are of Jim Griffin going for his green belt, October 2001


(Below) At the end of each month, there are 3 candidates who have to complete a pre-test for the Black Belt. They must complete 21 fights after a test of endurance and katas. They are Maurice Leblanc, Jacques Leblanc and Gerald Cormier.

(Below) Also at the end of each month there is 1 candidate who has to complete a pre-test for his 3rd degree Black Belt, Sensei Bob Myers. He does the same endurance & katas tests then finishes with 31 fights.


Each school in Centres Ray Cormier holds there own belt gradings, except for brown belt, which is usually done by Sensei Ray. Each grading is determined by the school's director, according to organization criteria. (Below) These are some students from Moncton passing various color belts.