Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2003

This years summer camp was hosted by Sensei Daniel Gaudet. We would like to thank those who attended and special thanks to Sensei Daniel Gaudet for holding the camp. Below you will find the pictures from this years camp.

(Above) As always there was a belt grading at the camp. Above are some of the candidates for belt gradings doing their katas.

(Below) Students learning to do bo staff katas.










(Below) As with every event Centres Ray Cormier has, there is always a breaking class.








(Below) Its times like this that you wish you ate your spinach.











(Below)Sensei Maxim and Pierre Gerin. Maxim Passed his black belt at this years summer camp. Congratulations!

Summer Camp 2002

(Below) Sensei Ray Cormier presenting a plaque to Louisiane Griffin. This plague was to thank Jim, Louisiane, Lise, Frank and Louise for the work they did at this years summer camp in the kitchen.

(Above Left) The kids after having a had suprise pizza Saturday night. (Above Right) Sensei Ray and Valérie Martin, she passed her blue belt during the midnight class, she is only 14 years old.

(Above Left) Sensei Nathan eating some pizza. (Above Right) Sensei Ray also eating some pizza, does he ever look tired... we haven't even done our midnight to 7 class yet!!!

(Above Left) The midnight class. (Above Right) The midnight class again.

(Above Left) Denis doing a belt grading against Sensei Monelle. (Above Right) Shawn fighting Robert.

(Above Left) Maurice doing a pre-test for black belt against Sensei Ray. (Above Right) Sensei Nathan sparring with Mélanie.

(Above Left) Jacques trying to put out a candle by punching near it. (Above Right) Sensei Bob putting out the candle that Sensei Nathan is holding.

(Above Left) Sensei Monelle breaking a baseball bat. (Above Right) Robert breaking a bat.

(Above Left) Sensei Isabelle attempting a speed break. (Above Right) Sensei Nathan just as he's about to strike the baseball bat.

(Above Left) Mélanie just before she breaks the bat. (Above Right) Sensei René breaking a bat with his elbow.

(Above Left) Sensei René Breaking a baseball bat. (Above Right) Sensei Isabelle and Sensei Erica doing jump squats.

(Above Left) Sensei René and Maurice doing some push-ups. (Above Right) The kids during the final class of the weekend.

(Above Left) Our last class of the weekend. (Above Right) Left to Right, Sensei Nathan, Sensei René, Sensei Ray.

(Above) The kids who tried to stay up to watch our midnight class.

Summer Camp 1998

Every year, all the schools in Centres Ray Cormier get together to train for an entire weekend. In 1998 this challenge was also extended to the Kyokushin Karate Schools in Montreal. Shihan André Gilbert was able to make it down. This was the first year that anyone outside of Centres Ray Cormier was in attendance.

The camp consists of several clinics for various aspects in Kyokushin Karate. Such as kata/forms, breaking, self-defense and a 12am to 7am belt grading (for the adults).

(Above Left) Shihan André Gilbert and Sensei Ray Cormier. (Above Right) Shihan Andre Gilbert meditates in Seiza. (Below Left) Shihan André Gilbert giving a speech to the kids after there grading class. (Below Middle) An adult class. (Below Right) A belt test for the juniors.

1998 was the first year we did a public demonstration and we had a big turn out. The demonstration contained many forms of breaking, from boards to baseball bats to bricks. (Below) This picture is of Sensei Ralph Gallant breaking a stack of bricks.

(Below) A workout at the demonstration.

(Below) After a hard night's training, Shihan André Gilbert, Sensei Ralph and Sensei Ray find time to laugh.

Summer Camp 1996

In 1996 Centres Ray Cormier held it's annual summer camp at Bois -Joli (Les Frères Tilleuilles). Many of the Centres students attended. (Below) These are a few pictures that were taken at this years camp. The first 2 pictures are of some of the training that took place. The third picture is Sensei Marji taking a nap. Wake her if you dare!! The last picture is of Claude Bastrache, he successfully broke 4 boards with his shin in preparation for a baseball bat.

Summer Camp 1994

In 1994 Centres Ray Cormier held it's very first summer camp. The first time we had two separate camps for the juniors and adults. Both weekends were highly attended. Each one had a belt grading, the adults of course trained from 12am to 7am. These two camps were not the easiest as the room we trained in was somewhat small and did not take long before we were drenched. Thanks to all who attended, this camp began the annual Summer Camp by Centres Ray Cormier. (Below) Group Photos, First is the Juniors; Second is the Adults.

(Above) The Junior class opening for the belt tests. (Below) These were taken at both of the camps. They show both the juniors and adults during various training activities.

(Above) One part of the training was to learn a bo staff kata. Both the juniors and adults did this as well. (Below) These pictures were taken from the Juniors Belt Grading. (Top Photo) Sensei Daniel Gaudet and Andrew Manderson. (Bottom Photos) These were from Pam Taylor's belt test.
At this years camp all the candidates passed their grading. Congratulations!

(Below) These are some of the cooks that help with the food preparation for these summer camps. A big Thank you to all our volunteers.