Breaking . . . . Are You up to The Challenge !?!?

Each individual school that make up Centres Ray Cormier holds their own breaking sessions and occasionally all the schools get together to have one large breaking class.

There are many ways in which to break an item as well as many different objects that people can challenge themselves to break.

The following are just some of the many objects that people have challenged themselves to break:

  • Boards
  • Bricks
  • Baseball bats
  • Ice
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • So as you can see people have tried to break many unusual and many traditional items. You only get out of a breaking class what you put in. You have to challenge yourself. You can't be afraid to try something new.

    These are just some example of what you could expect to find in one of these classes:

    January 07, 2010
    Baseball bat break

    Sensei Guy Doiron (13 years old)
    Luc Allain (14 years old)
    Sandrine Guigere (16 years old)

    (Above) Adriel Robert, age nine and Moncton's newest yellow belt, successfully finishing a three-point break. (Feb 2007)

    Sensei Denise & Nicole successfully completing their first baseball bat break.
    Feb 15 2007

    (Above) Pierre Bastarache, breaking a baseball bat at 12 years old. He was the youngest boy to break a baseball bat with his shin.

    (On The Bottom) and his son Pierre (On The Top). Sensei Claude is lying on a bed of nails and a stone is being broken on Pierre's stomach with a sledge hammer.

    (Above) In the upper picture, Sensei JJ Nowlan is really using his head! Breaking is not something that only men can do. Breaking is also a challenge that women take part in. Like the men, women have broken a variety of items such as baseball bats, boards and bricks. (Below) Lisa Bastrache and Pam Taylor are breaking boards. As well, the juniors do some simple and complicated breakings.


    (Below) Senseis Bob Myers, Claude Bastarache and Guy Marquis breaking stacks of bricks.


    The important thing to remember is that no breaking should be done outside of the Karate class. These people have been doing this for years. Your Karate Instructor should supervise all breaking. Your instructor also knows when you are ready to try certain breakings. It can't be stressed enough that for your own safety DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

    (Above Left) Sensei Guy Marquis breaking a 2x4 with his shin. (Above Right) Sensei Guy Marquis breaking some ice.

    (Above Left) Maxime breaking a board. (Above Middle) Nicole O'Connor breaking a board. (Above Right) Maxime breaking a zucchini, his dad Sensei Pierre is holding it.

    (Above) Sensei Claude Bastarache, 2nd place in breaking.

    Baseball Bats

    (Below) This picture was taken while Sensei Ray Cormier was concentrating. He was preparing himself to break 50 baseball bats with his shin.


    (Above Left and Right) These were taken while Sensei Ray Cormier was breaking. He successfully broke all 50 bats!

    (Above) Sensei Daniel Gaudet is demonstrating what is known as a speed break. This is a very difficult way to break. You need concentration and speed. Sensei Daniel is breaking a baseball bat, and if you look close you can see that the bat is broken and has done a flip in the air.

    (Above) Sensei Terry breaking a bat with a speed break.

    (Above) These are some pictures of Luc breaking a baseball bat, in the first Sensei Daniel is checking the bat to make sure Luc wont hurt himself trying, in the second Sensei Ray is showing him how to break the bat, the third he is breaking the bat, and in the final one he has succeeded.

    (Above) Sensei Daniel Gaudet, Ron Cormier and Ray Cormier. The picture was taken after Ron successfully broke 4 baseball bats with one kick. (Below Left and Right) Pam Taylor, at 15 was the youngest girl in New Brunswick to break a baseball bat.



    (Above Right) Ryan after he broke his first baseball bat.

    (Above) Matthew Wilson, breaking a baseball bat at 14 years old.