Beach Clinics

Every summer we have at least one beach clinic for all the schools, sometimes more. Many people attend these classes, we have breakings, some in the water, katas, training... all on the beach at the Dune of Bouctouche.

There is a juniors class during the morning, and the adult class is in the afternoon. Both classes are similar, but the adults workout is longer and more strenuous. The adult class starts with a jog of about 2km, then we train, which is followed by a jog back of 2km. The part that pretty much everybody likes is the fighting in the water. This is a different experience since we are wearing our full suit which is, for most people, canvas like. Which holds a lot of water which adds weight and it slows you're kicks way down. As well we do our kihons, katas and various other training exercises.

2003 Beach Clinics; Bouctouche

The beach clinic was held on Sunday, August 24, 2003. On behave of Centres Ray Cormier thank you to those who attend this clinic. These clinics are not as easy as the pictures sometimes make them look. Trust me, get those suits wet and you won't be running 100 miles an hour. We hope to see you all at next years clinic. Thanks again!

Junior Class




One kid may not be heavy put five on your back and see how fast you move.





Adult Class

Centres Ray Cormier would like to thank Senseis Guy Marquis and Nathan Waterman for attending this years clinic. Sensei Guy has visited several times since moving out west and it is nice to seem him attend classes when he can. We can wait for the time when you can train full time again Guy.

Sensei Nathan has also attended many of the clinics held by Centres Ray Cormier since joining the Centres over a year ago. In the short time he has been training with the Centres we can already tell he has a true Kyokushin spirit. Keep up the good work.













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