Women in Kyokushin Karate

A common stereotype surrounding karate is that it's a male sport. That woman are unable to fight and/or participate in this very physical sport. Well that stereotype is very quickly losing any credibility it may have once held. Currently more women are joining karate, there are definite benefits to the physical challenge that karate offers.

For women, karate offers much more then just physical exercise. It gives them the skills needed to defend themselves. Self Defense is not just for women though, men and children can also benefit from this knowledge.

ACKK Up & Coming
Sisters Ines & Asma
Sensei Sandrine, Josee and Sensei Melissa


Full Contact Fighting

(Above) This is a picture of Isabelle Nowlan (Left) and Monelle Richard (Right), both of them have one many trophies. Most notably Isabelle has won first place in her category in 2000 and 2001 in Montreal and Monelle who has won first place all around champion in the 2001 North American Championships, just having entered the adult fighting category.

Full Contact Tournament Fighting

There are many women that participate in full contact tournaments. Full contact means that the kicks and punches are done at full strength, for people 18 years old and up there is no equipment whatsoever. Women in our schools have won many first, second and third place trophies, they train hard for these tournaments and this fact is very visible when you see them fight in these tournaments.

Current Women Fighters In Centres Ray Cormier

There are fighters of all ages. We train the juniors so that when the adults retire from fighting we will have a new generation to carry on the tradition of Centres Ray Cormier.

Adult Fighters


(Above) Senseis Sonya Caissie, Monelle Richard and Isabelle Nowlan. Both Isabelle Nowlan and Monelle Richard will be representing Centres Ray Cormier in New York City at the All American World Cup. (Below) Melanie Trembley and Monique Leblanc.

Junior Fighters


(Above Left) Nicole O'Connor, Vanessa Leblanc and Erica Melanson. (Above Right) Natasha Hedderson, Gabrielle Vautour and Nicole Rawlins-Leblanc.


One major advantage for women in any category of Karate is there natural flexibility, which allows them to kick higher and move quicker, for example it renders breakings much more amazing, just by the fact that the kick is higher and smother in its accomplishment.

(Below) These are pictures of students in Centres Ray Cormier demonstrating various high kicks.

(Above) Pam Taylor is also demonstrating a Jodan Mawashi Geri (Round House Kick), with Sensei Marji Cormier demonstrating a blocking technique.

(Left and Right)
These pictures are of Senseis Sonya Caissie (Left) and Pam Taylor (Right). They are both throwing Jodan Mawashi Geri's (Round house kick to the head).