Junior Classes

Kyokushin Karate is not just for adults. This page is dedicated to all the Juniors that have participated and are still participating. Kyokushin is not only fun for these kids but it's a learning experience. Juniors learn many things while attending the schools of Centres Ray Cormier. They are taught discipline, socialization, and how to defend themselves. The Junior Class is very much like the Adult Class with few exceptions. There is

  • Fighting / Sparring
  • Katas
  • Breaking Classes
  • Awards
  • and more...


    Kevin Adsade is the first junior to get Sensei Isabelle Nowlan in the face with a kick. Sensei Isabelle won the World Champion Heavyweight title a week after this belt exchange happened.

    Junior Instructors


    (Above from Left to Right) Senseis for the Juniors; Marji Cormier holding Brandon Croft; Alice Arseneau holding Valérie Martin; Nicole O'Connor holding Kevin Adsade; Marie-Clare O'Connor holding Monika Cormier; Roger Belliveau holding Jorden Thibodeau; Andre Doiron holding Shanie LeBlanc.

    Fighting / Sparring




    Junior Awards

    Once a year Centres Ray Cormier hold an awards night for the Junior class. This is to give the students more confidence and to show that the instructors notice each student. The awards that are given are for specific areas of karate. Such as fighting, katas, breaking, etc. Sometimes they are certain students that may stick for an activity that is not usually recognized. In such cases the head instructor will reward this student with an original award.

    (Above Left To Right) Awards Night 1995, Awards Night 1999.