Adult Classes

We have schools in Moncton, Dieppe, Bouctouche, Shediac, Cocagne,, Memramcook, Edmunston, Lamèque, Bear River, Halifax and Dartmouth. The hours for the classes depend on the school, which you can find out on our dojo page. The content of the classes change at every class we have, but the basics stay the same:
Warm-Up (Stretching / Exercises)
Kihons (Blocks / Attacks/ Basic techniques)
Sparring / Fighting
Sometimes during a class we also do self defence. The last Thursday of every month we usually have a self defence class taught by Sensei Bob Myers, open to the public.

We have experienced teachers and the students also help with the classes, doing things like warm ups.


Warm-Up (Stretching / Exercises)




Kihons (Blocks / Attacks / Basic Techniques)






During many of our classes we do strengthening exercises. (Below Left) This is one way to strengthen your stomach muscles. While doing a kata you are concentrating on each movement. At this particular point in the kata the stomach muscles are already tight and by simply hitting the stomach you are able to take harder punches. (Below Right) This picture is also showing a way to strengthen your stomach muscles. These two students are punching each other in the stomach. When fighting you are once again able to take harder shots to your stomach. However in both of these demonstrations of strength you must remember that you only go as hard as your partner can handle. You're not there to hurt anyone!





Fighting / Sparring








In the Adult Class you will find that it is not just adults but juniors as well. We have many juniors who train along side the adults and are just as good if not better then some adults. (Below) Are a few pictures of some of the juniors participating in the Adult Class.