Abbey-Landry School

Sensei Roger Belliveau (2nd Dan) Sensei Ryan Buchanan (1st Dan)

Monday & Thursday

Juniors: 6-7 PM

Adults: 7-8 PM

Contact Sensei Roger at

This school was opened by René Dupuis on September 11th 2000.

(Above) Students from Memramcook with instructor Sensei Rene Dupuis.

(Above) During the summer most people have other things that have to be done and few actually participate in the summer sessions. This was one of the groups that trained this summer. Thanks and congratulations! It shows a true Kyokushin spirit. (Below) The following pictures are different aspects of Kyokushin. Such as warm-ups, katas, kihons and fighting / sparring.




(Below) These pictures were taken at a belt test in Moncton. Sensei Rene's student Bert, is going for his yellow belt. He passed, and also did an Ushi Daeshi, instead of doing 5 fights he successfully completed 11 fights.


(Below) Jacques Leblanc with his son. Your never too young for karate!!!

(Below) This picture was taken when Sensei Rene was just a yellow belt.