St-Henri School

Sensei Ray Cormier (4th Dan)

Tuesday & Thursday

Juniors: 6-7 PM

Beginner Adults: 7-8 PM

Advanced Adults 8-9 PM

Contact Sensei Ray at 855-5056 or fax him at 854-6628

The Moncton dojo is under the instruction of Sensei Ray Cormier. On this page you will see pictures from all of the different aspects of Kyokushin. Such as:
Fighting / Sparring
Basic Training
Family Oriented Training
As new pictures are added you will find them in:
New Pictures

(Above) These are the instructors for the Junior class in the Moncton Dojo. (Left to Right) Roger Belliveau, Marie-Claire O'Connor, Marji Cormier, Alice Arseneau and Andre Doiron.

New Pictures

Added - 03 / 12 / 03

Added - 03 / 03 / 03

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(Above) Sensei Maurice Leblanc demonstrating a keage (Stretch Kick).


(Above) Sensei Nathan while in seiza.













Basic Training / Warm-up




Family Training

Centres Ray Cormier is very family oriented. The Centres have had many families since it first opened it's doors. This section is dedicated to these people.

The Griffin Family.