A sensei is a black belt 3rd Dan and up, or a teacher. These people are, after all, the ones that have been doing karate for years and have a good understanting of it's principals and meaning. They are the foundation for karate since without them, karate would not exist because it wouldn't be taught on to others, therefore karate would die quickly. These people make sure that karate stays strong and gets stronger with time.

Above is an image of the teachers in 2002-2003.

(Above) Senseis Ray Cormier and Ralph Gallant. Sensei Ray is presenting Sensei Ralph with a plaque. It is to say thank you for all his hard work since becoming a member of Centres Ray Cormier. Within 7 years Sensei Ralph has produced 10 black belts. He recently closed his school in Shediac and started training with Sensei Ray Cormier full time in the Moncton Centre.

The image above is of Sensei Ray Cormier and his wife Sensei Marji Cormier.

The image above is of Sensei Ralph Gallant and his wife Sensei Linda Gallant.

The image above is of the main teachers in 1997.

Above is an image of the teachers in 2001.

(LEFT to RIGHT) Sensei Guy Marquis, Sensei Daniel Gaudet, Sensei Ralph Gallant, Sensei Ray Cormier, Sensei Bob Myers, Sensei Claude Bastarache.

This is a picture of Sensei Daniel, Sensei Guy and Sensei Ray during Sensei Guy Marquis' visit, August 2001.